Elif Sarinay Cenik

Stanford University, School of Medicine, postdoc 

University of massachusetts Medical School, PHD 

Bilkent university, BA


Agustian Surya is currently pursuing doctorate in Microbiology at UT. He is interested in cellular signaling that dictates growth and developmental arrest; and phenotypical alteration associated with ribosomal protein defect in C. elegans. He obtained BSPharm and Pharmacist registration at Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia; and MS in Food Science and Human Nutrition at University of Illinois. He enjoys a long walk in the park, singing in the choir, and especially discussing global history and politics.


Ryan Bockoven is using next-generation sequencing and fluorescence microscopy to elucidate the impact of the nucleolus during C. elegans embryogenesis. He obtained a Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry at Texas A&M University, where he researched the infection mechanisms of siphophages and leviphages. In his spare time, he watches the Houston Rockets, plays with his Golden Retriever, and looks for new places to eat around campus.


Ajay Panda is an undergraduate student at the UT Austin and is pursuing a B.S. in Neuroscience along with a minor in Business Foundations. He is interested in using the CRISPR/Cas9 system to tag nucleolar proteins to get a better understanding of the role they play in the nucleolus. Ajay enjoys cooking, hiking, and playing basketball in his free time.